The How and Why of a Tire Rotation

Driving your car means wearing down your tires. One way to keep your vehicle running smooth is to get a tire rotation done. But what is a tire rotation and why would you need it?

A tire rotation depends on the type of tire you have. If it's unidirectional, then you'll need your front and back tires swapped. If you have omnidirectional tires, then you'll be rotating all your tires either clockwise or counterclockwise. What this does is it will cause your tires to wear evenly. Suppose your car's alignment is slightly off, or your tire pressure isn't quite right. Your tires will end up wearing in all different places. By rotating your tires, you'll ensure all tires end up wearing at the same rate in roughly the same places.

Next time you need service for your vehicle consider having your tires rotated. Our maintenance department at Jensen LeMars Chrysler in LeMars, IA, would love to help you out.

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