The Hazards of a Cracked Windshield

So, there is a chip in your windshield? It's small and isn't really blocking your view, so why bother fixing it? Well, there are several reasons to take care of that crack or chip quickly. Damage to the windshield can become a dangerous issue at any time. It can grow much larger or even shatter while you drive because of the increased pressure caused by the wind. Windshields are also a source of structural strength. During a vehicle collision, it helps support the roof. Thus, allowing that small crack to remain on your windshield is actually a pretty bad safety issue.

Our technicians at Jensen LeMars Chrysler in LeMars, IA, know you are busy, but fast acting windshield repair can help with your safety. Let us help get you safely back on the road in no time. Call our dealership and schedule an appointment with one of our helpful staff and get back your peace of mind. There are also many other services that we can provide for your vehicle if you need them. Do you need an oil change? We can help with that!

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