Don’t Forget Your Back to School Oil Change

Are you ready to go back to school? Is your vehicle ready? Have you made your appointment to get your car’s oil changed before you embark on your journey? Our service center at Jensen LeMars Chrysler knows the importance of the maintenance of your vehicle and can deliver the quality work and parts that it needs. One of the essential services for your car includes an oil change. Without getting an oil change, the lubrication your engine gets may not be efficient, and without the proper lubrication, you may acquire damage to your engine over time. The oil also plays a significant role in cleaning the engine from debris. Without getting it changed, all of the debris can build up.

Make a service appointment today at our location in LeMars, IA. If you need other services done in addition to an oil change, we can also do them as well. You will then be able to go back to school with the assurance that your vehicle is in optimal condition for your trip ahead!

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