The benefits of Gap insurance

We here at Jensen LeMars Chrysler believe that car buyers who are financing their new vehicles need to seriously consider gap insurance. Gap insurance in an option that covers the consumer in the condition that the financed contract is not able to be completed.

Incidents such as theft and accidents can prevent the consumer from being able to retain the service of the vehicle for the period of time that the contract is active. For example, if a car as in an accident and it is rendered unusable, the car buyer is still under the obligation to pay all the financed amount of money. If the value of the car is less than the owed amount, the car buyer is on the hook for the remainder of the money. In this instance gap insurance will cover the in between amount.

We are easily able to explain how gap insurance works] in order to create a comfortable financing situation for you and your loved ones. Stop in for more information today.

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